Our People

We’re trained across a range of specialisms

Our People, Training
& Skill Sets

We are passionate about working with people who are fuelled by a desire to improve outcomes for all young people, and those are the people we surround ourselves with. At Triangle Support Services, we want all our colleagues to be able to make a positive, long-lasting impact on the progress and development of every young person referred to us, so we equip all our teams with the knowledge, tools and techniques they need.

Our mandatory training includes elements around trauma recovery, operations, health and safety, conflict management, safeguarding, professional boundaries, FGM, CSE and CCE. Furthermore, each young person is assigned a team that has been specially trained in the particular areas of support they require, and ongoing training is undertaken to ensure the young people’s needs are continually being met.

Our specialist therapeutic partnerships include experienced mentors, counsellors, mental health professionals, art therapists and psychotherapists, who all go above and beyond to ensure each young person is fully supported throughout their placement with us.

By making sure our teams are trained across a range of specialisms, we are able to ensure they are fully equipped to guide young peoples on their journey of development throughout placement.

Meet Our Team

Andrew Odudu

Managing Director


Director of Referrals

Amber Hornby

Safeguarding Lead

Anastasia Farnworth

Operations Manager

Angie Chiweshe

Residential Manager


Compliance Manager

Our Compliance

Ensuring the safety and well-being of the people we support, their friends and family, our colleagues, the local authority and the general public is of paramount importance to us. That is why we have put it at the heart of our mission, our infrastructure and our promise to those to whom we provide a service. To this end we have established a dedicated compliance department to oversee every part of our organisation.

Our compliance department is headed up by an experienced manager with over a decade of experience with the health and social care compliance field, bringing a wealth of knowledge, industry-specific experience and passion to our organisation, ensuring that quality & compliance is always the forefront. Our compliance department ensures that all service users, staff and stakeholders are protected from harm by implementing systems and best practice to:

  • Protect personal and sensitive data
  • Adhere to national regulatory compliance and
  • Upkeep local social services arrangement

Our compliance department includes our safeguarding and human resources divisions which deals with our safer recruitment, staff retention, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion practices and Continuous Professional Development. It supports our businesses commitment to strive to improve every day.

Systems & Technology

At Triangle Support Services, our systems and technology are as adaptable to change, development and progress as the young people we support.

Our bespoke, in-house TSS portal harnesses the latest technology to enable us to monitor trends in development, risk management, incident reporting, missing-from-home reports and weekly updates, in real-time.

Hosted in the Cloud, our portal means we are able to securely store all our data, and can grant permissions to relevant team members so they can access information however, wherever and whenever they need it.